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  • Trezor FORESTER
  • Bezpečné uložení loveckých i sportovních zbraní v trezoru je nezbytností stanovenou zákonnými předpisy. Trezor FORESTER je spolehlivě splňuje
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  • Protection of Guns, Valuables and Documents

  • Store 5 to 18 Guns

  • Security Class I and II

  • Protection of Sec. Infor. at V, D, T and PT Confidentiality Levels

The Forester safes meet the legal terms and conditions for safe storage of hunting and sporting guns. Moreover, Forester also provides a much better protection against thieves than the commonly offered “gun safes” which is absolutely necessary with regard to the high purchase price of guns and other valuables or important documents that are often stored in safes. Unlike commonly offered gun safes, the Forester safes meet the strict requirements of insurance companies for the security of objects in the value of up to CZK 1.2 million.

When designing Forester, we paid maximum attention to security as well as the frequent requirements of our clients regarding the variable layout of the interior. Therefore, the Forester safes are maximally adjusted for safe and comfortable storage of various types of guns, including the optics. If you specify the type and dimensions of your guns, we can tailor the interior of the safe to your needs.

The variable interior may be adjusted to the relevant number of guns or other valuables.
Armoured bolt mechanism and safety catch bolt – protection of the door against forced entry.
You can choose from a safe key lock, a mechanical combination lock or an electronic lock.
Active blocking pins with the thickness of 30 mm in combination with a safety labyrinth – high resistance against assault.

Static View


Trezor FORESTER pohled 1 Trezor FORESTER pohled 2 Trezor FORESTER pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model Sec. Class External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Number of guns Weight
H W D H W D ks kg
Classic I I 1530 670 565 1420 560 400 10 275
Comfort I I 1530 670 565 1420 560 400 5 275
Magnus I I 1880 1210 565 1770 1100 400 18 540
Classic II II 1530 670 565 1420 560 400 10 360
Comfort II II 1530 670 565 1420 560 400 5 360
Magnus II II 1880 1210 565 1770 1100 400 18 710

Depth: + 70mm for fittings