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Trezor Preve

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  • Trezor Preve
  • Malá velikost a elektronický zámek předurčují trezory Preve pro ukládání drobných cenností, osobních dokladů a zbraní.
  • http://www.tresorag.cz/en/products/cabinet-safes/preve
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  • Construction with Increased Resistance

  • Optional Tailored Dimensions

  • El. Lock with 6 Digit Code (Reserve Key for Emergency Entry)

The low price, compact dimensions and an electronic lock with intuitive control make the Preve safes suitable for storing small valuables, personal documents and guns in any flat or office, a hotel room or studio. If you would like a different size or a colour that matches your furniture, we will adjust the Preve safe according to your needs.

Anchoring openings for safe installation of the safe in the wall, floor or furniture.
Electronic lock with a membrane keyboard, LED diode and emergency entry.

Static View


Trezor Preve pohled 1 Trezor Preve pohled 2 Trezor Preve pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Capacity Weight
H W D H W D l kg
PR 3 260 345 200 250 340 150 28 8

Depth: + 30mm for fittings