Fire Resistant Safes for Documents

Trezor Gold Moby

  • Cabinet Safes
  • Trezor Gold Moby
  • Domácí trezory Gold-Moby nabízejí zamykací mechanismus chráněný pancéřovanou deskou.
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Fire Resistance
  • Fire Resistance Test – 30 Minutes, LFS30P

  • Security Class S2

  • Front Safe Steel Wall, 10 mm Thick

You might have thought of concealing a safe deposit box in the furniture. Why not? However, the depth of the safe is often an issue as it is too large in combination with the handle. That does not apply to Gold-Moby cabinet safes. A low depth and a lack of fittings make it possible to install a Gold-Moby safe into almost any cabinet. If you would like to store your documents, cash or valuables at home or in your office, you will definitely find some space for a Gold-Moby safe.

The fixing openings allow for secure installation of the safe in the wall, floor or furniture.
Electronic lock with a membrane keyboard, LED diodes and emergency opening; it is also possible to control the safe using a safe key lock.
The front part of the body of the safe and the door are laser-cut from a solid, single steel structure with the thickness of 10 mm – high assault resistance.

Static View

3D View


Trezor Gold Moby pohled 1 Trezor Gold Moby pohled 2 Trezor Gold Moby pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Capacity Weight
H W D H W D l kg
DPK-4 280 400 355 170 305 245 13 34
DPK-5 350 490 430 240 380 310 28 52
DPK-7 490 430 430 380 330 310 39 64
DPE-4 280 400 355 170 305 245 13 34
DPE-5 350 490 430 240 380 310 28 52
DPE-7 490 430 430 380 330 310 39 64

DPK models are fitted with a key lock
DPE models are fitted with an electronic lock