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  • Safe Handover of Cash and Valuables

  • Integrated Briefcase Transfer Unit with Sliding Tray and Bulletproof Window

  • Ballistic Resistance FB3/BR3, FB4/BR4

The transfer box integrates a briefcase transfer unit, a cash sliding tray with a bulletproof window and an electronic communicator into a single, highly secure facility that is designed for contactless handover of briefcases with or smaller packages with cash, valuables, guns and documents. The window used for a visual contact between the client and the attendant (or a security guard) as well as other parts of the box is manufactured with high ballistic resistance so the whole facility protects the attendant against bullets.

The transfer box is designed to be installed in a partition separating the protected and unprotected zones and it can be used anywhere where it is not posible to install a separate cash counter and a briefcase transfer unit. This facility is most often used in banks, exchange offices, supermarket cash registers or financial and distribution centre – everywhere where people work with high financial sums.

The exceptionally resistant design of the box allows two-way handover of cash between the attendant and the customer in the upper part where the sliding tray is installed, providing high level of security in all its positions. The briefcase transfer unit is located at the bottom and it is equipped with two mutually blocked doors so it is possible to open one door as instructed by the attendant after the first door has been closed. The ballistic resistance of the box is ensured even when one door remains open. This provides high security level of operation that provides the attendant with perfect protection, even during an assault.

The dimensions of the donation box can be tailored to the dispositions of your premises. It is also possible to provide a different ballistic resistance class. The innovative design of the counter allows installation after the interior has been completed. The counter can be installed into a premade installation opening in a finished interior; there is no need to install a wall frame which reduces the installation time to minimum.

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Bulletproof window consisting of a self-locking frame and a multi-layered sandwich glass structure combined with PVB film.
Exceptionally resistant design with ground stainless steel finish.
There are rolls inside the box for comfortable passing of briefcases; it is also possible to supply a cart version.

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