Secret Rooms

  • Security Class I to V

  • Individual Solution of the Protected Space

  • Hidden Access Secured by Safe Door

What cannot be seen does not exist!

Secret rooms are specially designed for the protection of your family and valuables. Each installation of this security feature represents a unique method of protecting the most valuable – your family and property – in case of an assault. The advantages of this kind of individual protection are that the room is secret, invisible, provides privacy and is as safe as an armoured safe. The room can be designed at different security levels and in any dimensions to suit your needs. The room is always designed in cooperation with an architect and a building contractor and thus we recommend considering its installation at the planning stage for your new home or reconstruction of the old one. The secret room can be also installed in an already built house provided that the respective spatial and security conditions are met.

Why a secret room?

The secret room does not only protect your valuables, but also you, your family and privacy at your home. Moreover, the secret room provides a substantially larger storage space than stand-alone safes, which allows you to safely store larger valuables such as artworks, art collections, jewellery collections, precious stones and metals or a large quantity of data and documents, all with the comfort of an immediate access.

How does the secret room work?

The room is invisible, completely concealed, equipped with ultra-modern access and a panic button for immediate closing of the door from the inside of the room. You are the only person who has access to the room and who knows of its existence. This private storage space can be tailored to your needs, both with regards to security and dimensions. The entrance into this highly secure room is covered by a unique armoured sliding door produced in Security Class I to V in compliance with CSN EN 1143-1. The safe door that looks like a part of the wall or a bookcase is controlled by electronic locks or a remote controller using an efficient electric motor that seals the door. The period of opening and closing is a matter of seconds which plays an important role in case of an assault. The operation of the door is very safe to prevent any injuries. The room can be designed as masonry, concrete or monolithic safe blocks used in the construction of chamber bank safes in relation to the required security level. Such armoured rooms resist any form of aggression and significantly improve your personal protection in case of any assault on your home.

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Secret room in a locked position, secured by the sliding safe door covered by a picture frame; the protected space now meets the parameters for a safe room.
Secret room in an open position; the sliding safe door together with the picture frame are pushed outside the entrance area.
Secret Room Trezor tajná místnost
Sliding Safe Deposit Door Posuvné trezorové dveře