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Trezor Contract E

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  • Dvoudveřové, kovové skříně Contract E, vhodné pro archivaci vašich pořadačů a závěsných desek.
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  • Heavy, Fully Welded Frame

  • Three-point Bolt Lock

  • High Quality at Low Price

The Contract E metal office cabinets are designed for archiving documents that should be locked away. They provide a well-arranged layout and simple manipulation with both files and hanging file folders. Unlike regular furniture, Contract E provides enough space and sufficient protection thanks to the large capacity and a central lock.

Three-sided bold mechanism controlled by a safe key lock.

Static View


Trezor Contract E pohled 1 Trezor Contract E pohled 2 Trezor Contract E pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model External Dimensions (mm) Capacity Weight
H W D l kg
E 01 1000 914 400 360 35
E 04 1950 914 400 648 55