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Trezor TITAN Watch

  • Exclusive Safes for Watch Collectors
  • Trezor TITAN Watch
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  • Best protection in Class III, IV and V

  • Integrated watch winders and drawers for valuables

  • Customized interior layout

Titan Watch: a truly resistant, exclusive safe designed for owners of luxurious watches and jewellery collections. The design of Titan Watch stems from the model series of the reliable armoured Titan safes used by some of the largest banking houses for storing large sums of money. The security technology has been verified by the hardest assault tests executed in cooperation with a government accredited laboratory and the Police. The safes are designed using our long-term experience and time-tested methods developed for protection of places with a high risk of assault, such as military facilities and bank vaults, or storage for spent fuel. As a result, Titan Watch is an exceptionally secure safe that provides your watches with the highest possible level of protection.

The Titan Watch safes move the functional and aesthetic standard of safes to a much higher level by fulfilling our desire for the creation of perfect safes. They were developed by a team of security experts, designers and craftsmen and modern technologies were used for their production, such as laser cutting, so that the gap between the body of the safe and the heavy door is inconsiderable. However, the handwork, most visible in the perfect finish of the safe surface or its interior, plays a significant part in the final look of these safes. We endeavour to create an unrivalled safe and were successful in our efforts with the Titan Watch model series.

The interior layout, the surface treatment as well as the lock accessories of Titan Watch are completely variable. These exceptional safe deposit boxes are offered in three security classes and four sizes with a corresponding number of watch winders and drawers for valuables. However, as we are aware of the individuality of each of the owners of Titan Watch, we can tailor the safe to your needs. Nevertheless, the standard version, if we can call it that, is truly exclusive on its own: varnish that has been manually applied in several stages, in a high quality and gloss; perfect interior padding for gentle placement of watches and valuables; high-quality and programmable watch winders that ensure your automatic watches are always ready to be used; and integrated illumination of the whole interior and drawers from noble wood for your other valuables.

To increase the sense of security, Titan Watch safes may also be connected to the electronic security of your house or flat. Using our highly secure electronic locpieces, it is possible to remotely block the safe; if someone tries to manipulate with the safe at the time of your absence, the lock of the safe will not function without decoding the entire home. Moreover, it is also possible to activate other protective features in connection with the alarm centre, such as a shock sensor recording any strikes on the safe or a silent alarm that can bring help timely. Such a configuration makes Titan Watch the most perfect protection you can give your watches and valuables.

The variable interior may be adjusted to fit the required number of watches or other valuables.
To control the safe, you can choose from a safe key lock, mechanical combination lock, electronic lock or you can combine any of the locpieces.
The three-wall body and door filled with special concrete mixture provides maximum protection of the safe contents from assault.
Heavy safe door with a thickness of 125 mm in Security Class III, 185 mm in Security Class IV and 195 mm in Security Class V.

Static View

3D View


Trezor TITAN Watch pohled 1 Trezor TITAN Watch pohled 2 Trezor TITAN Watch pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model Sec. Class External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Capacity Weight
H W D H W D l kg
TW-III 900 III 900 670 670 760 530 470 189 700
TW-III 1200 III 1200 670 670 1060 530 470 264 900
TW-III 1300-2 III 1300 1200 730 1160 1060 530 652 1370
TW-III 1800 III 1800 800 800 1660 590 600 588 1300
TW-IV 900 IV 900 670 670 710 480 390 133 790
TW-IV 1200 IV 1200 670 670 1010 480 390 189 1000
TW-IV 1300-2 IV 1300 1200 730 1110 1010 450 504 1770
TW-IV 1800 IV 1800 800 800 1610 610 510 501 1600
TW-V 900 V 900 670 670 710 460 375 122 970
TW-V 1200 V 1200 670 670 990 460 375 171 1200
TW-V 1300-2 V 1300 1220 840 1090 1010 545 600 2220
TW-V 1800 V 1800 800 800 1590 590 505 474 1950

Depth: + 70mm for fittings

Design details

OLED display for central control of watch winder

Safe interior LED lighting with remote control

Multi-storeyed drawers with removable rasters

6 raster variants for rings, necklages and other jewellery