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  • Security Class I and III

  • For Storing Cash without Opening the Safe Door

  • Any Orientation of the Drop Slot

If you need to secure cash so that your employees have no access to the money put in the safe, you can use a drop safe. Such a safe can be used in places with an increased risk of assault and accumulation of larger sums of money. The drop mechanism does not only protect the banknotes, but it can be also used for handing over documents or valuable objects with a minimum risk during as well as outside the business hours. Drop safes are designed for petrol stations, shops, galleries, banks with both day and night operation or for restaurants, casinos and amusement arcades.

The design of the safe and the location of the drop mechanism can be completely adjusted to your requirements. The drop mechanism may be located directly on any side of the safe or it can be connected with the safe through a wall, which will increase the security of your operation by dividing the working zone from the protected area. The armour of the safe and the drop mechanism are coordinated so that they meet the most demanding security regulations for the certified resistance in Security Class I and III. Therefore, the content of the drop safe may be insured up to the amount of CZK 4,000,000.

To increase security, we recommend fitting the drop safe with an electronic lock with a time delay that allows opening the main safe door after a predetermined time delay, such as 10 minutes after the code has been entered or at a particular time..

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Drop mechanism located on the back side of the safe; the cash falls into a locker protected with a “ridge” to prevent withdrawal of cash; the drop slot location is completely variable.
You can choose from a safe key lock, a mechanical combination lock or an electronic lock with an adjustable time delay.
Armoured bolt mechanism and safety catch bolt – protection of the door against forced entry.

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