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  • Compact Dimensions for Installation in Furniture

  • Motor Door Closing

  • LED Display, 100 Last Entry Audit

The dimensions of the HT safes are suitable for storing small valuables, documents or laptops. The electronic lock controlled by a key combination provides information about the last 100 entries and if you lose the code, you can unblock the lock using a master code or an SOS key. Therefore, the HT safes are an optimal solution for hotel rooms, sports facility changing rooms or spas.

Anchoring openings for safe installation of the safe in the wall, floor or furniture.
Electronic lock with a membrane keyboard, LED diode and emergency entry.

Static View

3D View


Trezor HT pohled 1 Trezor HT pohled 2 Trezor HT pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Capacity Weight
H W D H W D l kg
HT mini 200 350 200 190 340 160 10 11
HT laptop 200 435 365 190 430 320 26 15

Depth: + 30mm for fittings